Hang Yin

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Research Assistant, Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Research Interests

  • Ÿ    Embedded computer vision – particularly object recognition/tracking, 3D reconstruction from stereo images, structure from motion, and algorithm implementation in embedded systems such as DSP/FPGA.
  • Ÿ    High-speed digital circuits design, signal integrity analysis, multi-layer PCB technologies, EMC.


  • Ÿ    Hai Lan, Hang Yin, G. Shrestha, L. Zhang. “Design and Implementation of a DSP-based Embedded Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System”, Communications in Computer and Information Science, v226 CCIS, nPART3, p221-229, 2011, Applied Informatics and Communication – International Conference, ICAIC 2011.
  • Ÿ    Hang Yin. “Multi-Camera Object Recognition, Positioning and Tracking System”, Collection of Best Undergraduate Graduation Thesis, Harbin Engineering University, 2008.(Top 30/4000+)


  • Ÿ    Proficient in C/C++, Visual C++ and OpenCV, Matlab, assembly language, CCS, Keil.
  • Ÿ    Familiar with Verilog HDL and Quartus II.
  • Ÿ    Familiar with Linux – kernel, driver, applications, real-time, digital media, video.
  • Ÿ    High-speed analog and digital design, signal integrity analysis.
  • Ÿ    Proficient in Cadence SPB, Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx

Research and Development Experience

3D Shape Reconstruction from Infrared Stereo Images                      


  • Ÿ    Visual C++ implementation.
  • Ÿ    Low-texture (infrared) image stereo matching algorithm (census transform, Hamming distance, SAD, dynamic programming, etc.)
  • Ÿ    Stereo calibration, rectification, disparity map to depth map, point cloud rendering in OpenGL.

Infrared Image Quality Assessment


  • Ÿ    Comparative image quality analysis of wideband and multiple-narrowband-fusion infrared images
  • Ÿ    Noise analysis by statistical methods and NEDT; Image power spectrum density (PSD); Modulation Transfer Function (MTF).

Infrared Object Tracking Algorithm


  • Ÿ    Camshift tracking algorithms of moving objects by histogram in infrared image sequence.Visual C++ implementation.
  • Ÿ    Kalman filter is applied to predict object movement and achieve better tracking performance.

DSP-based Embedded Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System


– Team Leader, System Architect, Hardware and Part of Software.

  • Ÿ    Hardware design, PCB layout, SI simulation, testing. System contains TMS320DM6446, TMS320DM642, FPGA, DDR2, NAND and NOR Flash, Ethernet, USB2.0, ATA, I2C, UART.
  • Ÿ    Architect for bootloader, Linux kernel/application, DSP/BIOS real-time kernel, C, algorithms.
  • Ÿ    Responsible for programming and porting of embedded Linux kernel and QT GUI.
  • Ÿ    Proposed vehicle detection and blob analysis algorithms, programmed and ported C/C++ code to embedded system.
  • Ÿ    Part of license plate recognition algorithm programming and porting to embedded system

Video Based Vehicle Detection and Traffic Counting Algorithm


  • Ÿ    Verified the concept and feasibility of vehicle detection and blob analysis algorithm in Matlab.

Stereo Webcam System for Object 3D Positioning and Tracking


  • Ÿ    Algorithms and programming of camera calibration, feature extraction by Canny edge detection, stereo matching by Hough circle detection, and 3D object positioning, object tracking and prediction using Kalman filter.
  • Ÿ    Responsible for coding of RS-232 communication with camera pan-and-tilt servo system.

Aircraft Pitch Channel Feedback Control Loop Design


  • Ÿ    Pitch channel PID controller designed in Matlab, on the basis of aerodynamic math model.
  • Ÿ    This project is part of aircraft autopilot system.

Intelligent Infrared Line Tracking Robot


– Team Leader.

  • Ÿ    Microchip PIC microcontroller based system circuit design, PCB layout, building and testing.
  • Ÿ    System software programming using C and assembly language, including infrared sensor, PWM motor control.

Wireless Data Transmission System


– Team Leader, HeilongjiangProvinceCollege Student Electronic Design Contest.

  • Ÿ    Intel 8051 microcontroller based system circuit design, PCB layout, building and testing.
  • Ÿ    System software programming using C and assembly language, including text message data sending and receiving, LCD driver and display, keyboard, RF circuit control.
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